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World Class Cushion without
Traditional Soft Court Maintenance

Many courts claim to be cushioned or soft courts, but these claims are typically provided by courts that are either not truly soft, or create maintenance hassles and costs. PREMIER COURT® is the only maintenance free surface that provides true impact absorbing cushion that provides real relief to players.

Other surfaces claim to be a solution to cracked courts, as well as providing "soft court play," yet they create their own maintenance and playability issues. Synthetic sand-filled grass systems, Synthetic sand-filled grass sealed with acrylic products, plastic grid products and traditional repair or reconstruction methods simply do not solve the problems.

Traditional soft courts have been utilized in an effort to eliminate cracking problems associated with hard court pavement, but these courts create maintenance issues all their own.

Now players can enjoy true cushioning without traditional soft court maintenance!

Provided the acrylic recreational coatings are reapplied every five to seven years (as per the tennis industry recommendations and standards), PREMIER COURT® will provide years of maintenance free tennis.

PREMIER COURT® is the only option for maintenance free,
true impact absorbing cushion.

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