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What is Premier Court ®?

PREMIER COURT® is the culmination of the most expansive research and development program ever in the tennis court and sports surfacing industry. Millions of dollars have been spent to develop the finest cushioned, crack proof, maintenance free playing surface available.

PREMIER COURT® is a patented manufactured composite, which when combined with standard acrylic recreational coating, creates the PREMIER COURT® Surfacing System.


An all-weather cushioned sports surface,
Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations,
Designed to be an overlayment to hard courts, either asphalt or concrete.
Developed to eliminate existing cracking problems and prevent future problems
A surface for courts on ground level, courts on roof or garage decks, and perfect for courts with limited or poor access
A surface that provides consistent playability shot after shot - GUARANTEED for 25 Years!

When you compare PREMIER COURT® to other surfaces, you will realize there is no equal. With respect to playing characteristics and playability, PREMIER COURT® is far superior to any other surface. Additionally, these benefits are provided in a maintenance free, crack proof surface.

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