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A Warranty Like No Other!

The first PREMIER COURT® Surfacing System was installed in 1989. Since that time, we have never had a single failure or warranty related issue claimed against the product. Every court installed still exists. This success is a result of the arduous and expansive research and development put into PREMIER COURT®. Success such as this, and our utmost confidence that the product will perform, guide us to offer the most complete warranty plans available.

Our Standard Twenty-Five (25) Year Warranty is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. The warranty is all-inclusive and has no hidden costs or prorated expenses to the customer, were work required after the initial installation is completed. There is no product in the tennis industry that comes close to performing the way PREMIER COURT® does and there is no other warranty that protects your investment as completely as PREMIER COURT®'s warranty.

Please feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions or comments regarding the warranty.

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