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Athletes around the world are continuously searching for a sports surface that allows them to enjoy their game without sacrificing their bodies, i.e.: their backs, ankles, knee and hip joints, et cetera. The PREMIER COURT® Surfacing System has been so successful for tennis, we have received tremendous interest in the surface for use in other sports.

We have taken the approach that if a surface can provide the playability characteristics players need, as well as cushion, it will be given a chance. This has proven correct. PREMIER COURT® has been used for Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, and Badminton, as well as for various other surfaces such as Jogging Trails, Walking Paths and exotic events such as Sepaktakraw, an Asian game similar to volleyball, where the feet are used to hit the ball over the net. Courts can be permanent or portable, depending on your court needs.

Please contact us as to how we can satisfy your surfacing needs. 


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