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The Portable System

PREMIER COURT® is a world class, championship caliber tennis surface. When these characteristics are combined with portability, event promoters and organizers, facilities and organizations are able to choose venues that best meet their needs. Rental opportunities for many arenas and facilities are very tight, and the window of opportunity for putting on a one-day tennis match, or short-term event, is very limited. Our Portable PREMIER COURT® System can be installed and removed in several hours, allowing for the minimum number of facility rental days.

The Portable PREMIER COURT® System was designed to maximize the needs of an event or organization. No longer is a charity tournament or event limited to the club down the street. Tournaments can be held in arenas or facilities that allow for maximum spectators, where the tennis play and the spectators are protected from the elements, and provides first class amenities. Also, collegiate and high school tennis programs can create a practice facility when their outdoor court use is not possible due to weather or other factors.

The Portable PREMIER COURT® System can be installed onto concrete, wood or other approved sub-floor systems. We simply arrive at an event location, install the surface and tournament play is ready.

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