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PREMIER COURT solves existing cracking problems and eliminates future cracking problems that are destroying hard courts

Because the design is based on a composite format, PREMIER COURT® is able to do something no other tennis surface can - provide the permanent elimination and prevention of cracks to a court surface. Reapplication of the acrylic recreational coatings every five to seven years, PREMIER COURT® is a maintenance free surface.

No longer must money be spent year after year to have cracks repaired, only to have them reopen soon after the repair work is completed.
No longer will your courts resemble patchwork quilts from years of repairing and recoating.
PREMIER COURT® is the only cost effective alternative to either traditional repair or reconstruction methods which simply will not solve the problems.


Chapel Hill Before
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Chapel Hill After
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Washington Park Before
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Washington Park After
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PREMIER COURT® has solved the cracking problems associated to hard courts in facilities around the world. Facilities such as private residential courts, private club courts, private and public schools, parks and recreation facilities, as well as many other types of facilities. Plus, PREMIER COURT® upgrades the facility providing
the most advanced cushion system ever developed for courts.

PREMIER COURT is the surface to solve your
maintenance problems.

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